Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Selamat di bawah ketiak Mommy.

Alhamdulillah, the journey went well despite some delays in PIT.
I'm blogging from Sheffield!!woohoo!!
In a way, the delay turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I got to ride a flight to Manchester which had so many extra seats. I conquered 3 seats and had a helluva hell of a time sleeping the whole way to Manchester.
It turned out perfectly because I arrived around 10am, and mommy was scheduled to arrive at 12.30pm. I didn't have to wait as long as if I arrived at 7am if there were no delays.
It feels so good to see my family again.
My bro and zaffi are sound asleep while mommy and I are wide awake.
Although, I am feeling a bit on the sleepy side because I had second helpinggs of Zaffi's superb nasi ayam. Sedap gila. Gemukla aku duduk sini 10 hari.haha...
Just don't forget to pick me up July 30th! I swear I'm not taking the bus to PIT ever again, a 3 hour journey tuned into a 6 hour ride. Plain pain in the ass. It was funny though, the big ass bus went all the way to the airport just to drop me off. Felt like an important person for awhile. A lady saw me come down the bus, and said ''You must be someone really important''. haha...I was like ''Yess, I am''. So the 6 hours did give me some glory moments anyhow.
Hey so divas, no worries bout me, I'm doing swell as hell. haha...
hope you guys are not missing me that much.muahahahah..
Lots of Love from Shefffield.


Bina W. said...

Good to know that Zack!

It's just so different to be there kan. Rindu Sheffield. Kim slm kt Sabriza k, bg die hugs and kisses too for me.

rinduuuu, esk diorg ajk pergi Six Flags Maryland, Egy ngn Peyya x mahu pergi, if ko ade, mesti nak je kannnn, ngehehe.

I'll make sure someone will be there k. Tell me again pkul brape smpai?

amek pics byk2 jgn lupa!

Anonymous said...


seronok ko dpt jumpa mommy ye. send my regards to your family. take care there k.

anyway, x nak g six flag lagi la since dah pergi that day. water park pun x nak juga since nanti kulit makin gelap.

aite enjoy kat sane zacko!

BabYpose said...

Greatest journey is meeting up mommy :) Enjoy :o)

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