Saturday, August 15, 2009

The confuse housewife is getting a year older. Ooopsss!


I have been posting the birthday wish in my blog but since this blog hasn't been updated for almost 3 weeks, so I decided to write something here for the babe.

Biena is turning 22 today. Perhaps in three more years, her dream to be a Diva Housewife will come true. Hahaha. May you met you prince "Charming" (sila pronounce cara paling gedix ye) and have a lovely famlily soon. She once told me that she wanna have 5 kids, whom 2 of them might be adopted. Yeah, she is the kind hearted girl and the most trustworthy person I have ever met. No wonder people always love her.

On behalf of the Diva Housewives, we want you to know that we love you so much babe and may you enjoy your birthday today. Keep on smiling and happy2 selalu k. Sayang Biena!


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