Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nyanyi sekali lagi

Disebabkan facebook macam dodol, video ni tak dapat diupload di sana so I post this video at this blog instead.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Yaya

The Diva Housewives are saying Happy Birthday to Yaya!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Di sebalik tabir.

I have been staying at College Park since last week because I was bored to death staying alone at home. Thanks to Biena and Peyya for letting me stay at their place for a while. I have been having so much fun lepaking with them. Most importantly, I enjoyed masak2 kuih with them every evening.

Anyway, I kalau buat kuih muih ni memang I banyak vitamin M. I am not a big fan of kuih muih so if I REALLY want to eat them then barulah I buat. So far I haven't experience that desperate syndrome yet so I mmg tak buat kuih la kalau I duduk rumah. But the diva housewives and adik freshman dalam rumah ni memang rajin so selama I stay sini, bermacam2 kuih telah berjaya dibuat. Antaranya :

1. Apam Balik

2. Kuih Keria and Cik Mek Molek

3. Murtabak Ayam (Ini bukan kuih)

4. Buah Melaka

5. Cheesecake (Ini pun bukan kuih juga ye)

The best part of making kuih-muih or even during cooking is that we will start saying things about future such as "Ha dah pandai dah masak ni, bolehlah kawin", "Eh kau suka lelaki yang macam mana eh?" or "Adoi, bilalah nak ada boyfriend ni?". We pretty much talk about the same thing over and over again but we never get bored with that topic. Sebabnya we all have the same goal in future, which is to be The Diva Housewives. Don't get us wrong, that doesn't mean that we want to stuck in the house and do the cooking or cleaning the whole time. We want to have a successful career and also a loving family at the same time so at this moment we are building the foundation to achieve our dream.

Hopefully, termakbul lah ye. Oklah later on I membebel di blog ini lagi.

Later people.

Zera H.

p/s: I rasa nak demam la hari ni. Flat....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Keyakinan itu penting

"Peyya, ni ubi keledek kan?"




Takpe takpe.
Ampunilah beliau, mungkin terlalu penat bekerja.

Wajah ubi keledek sebenar:

See, lebih kurang sama kan? :P

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Apam Balik

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's my turn

Since Bina W. has already posted a new entry so it's my turn to blurb here. Anyway, I noticed a lot of typo in her entry so cik Bina kurang2kan la typo tu ye. Hahaha. Well, typo is her trademark.

The previous template "shoe fetish" need to be reconstruct so as for now I'm using this template for a while. If we still couldn't figure out how to edit the code, I guess we'll pick other template instead. Ok tak kawan2?

Anyway, yay ada blog baru!!!! Hehehe, I still don't know how this blog going to work so Peyya need to explain a little bit more detail ok. I know this thing is kind of mengarut but I think having a share blog with the girlfriends gonna be so much fun. Hopefully, everyone made an effort to update this blog and make it HAPPENING. Boleh kan.

So, people are you ready for the DIVA????


Zera H.

satu permulaan yang indah mungkin :)

Egy: Aku rase macam nak close blog akulah, mencetus controversy je, jom wat blog sama2 nak tak?
Bina: (being a supportive friend) Ok je, aku mmg nak wat blog baru pun, malas dah update blog lama.
Peyya: (being a supportive friend juga) Boleh jugak.
Bina: Ape kate ko publickan je blog ko yg private tu *membuat muka pnuh harapan*
Peyya: X de ape pun dalam blog tuuuu (ayat standard Peyya)

*perbualan ini seperti Bina yang bercakap smuanya but trust me, it is a converstaion of 3!

so there we go, from Egy yang dah nak close her blog because of personal reasons, and from I who need a new blog to update and from Peyya who is trying to make people stop asking her to publicize her private blog - maka wujudlah blog ini!

The Diva housewives.

it's amazing what summer can do to you, btul tak? ;)

macam poyo je kan wat blog bersama di usia 22 thn (o.m.g dah tua), haha, but we only live once, we will not be young for ever, so do what we want to, let's be true to ourself. and like the tagline says 'when we were young...'
hopefully this blog will capture all the important moments before we turn 25!
I do have a good feeling about this :)

and owh here nak promote blog kawan2 di Illinois di mana satu kumpulan pergi Eurotrip and another group pergi Jepun and Korea : Summer Story (blog ni amat comel)

owh do forgive my Manglish, if it's very annoying do tell.
yosh, kawan2 mari memasak, malam ni kami akan terima tetamu istimewa :)
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