Saturday, January 30, 2010

Selamat tinggal blog.

Uhhh berhabuk blog ni. Well since everyone has their own blog I guess we don't need this blog anymore. But it's fun to write in this blog during summer, right diva housewives? I guess we are gonna close this down so do check our own blog.

Ok except for Peyya lah kan sebab dia tak nak invite sesiapa baca blog dia. Peyya sangat perahsia. Merajuk lah dengan Peyya. :(

Anyway here is the link to our blog.

Alright bye everyone.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The confuse housewife is getting a year older. Ooopsss!


I have been posting the birthday wish in my blog but since this blog hasn't been updated for almost 3 weeks, so I decided to write something here for the babe.

Biena is turning 22 today. Perhaps in three more years, her dream to be a Diva Housewife will come true. Hahaha. May you met you prince "Charming" (sila pronounce cara paling gedix ye) and have a lovely famlily soon. She once told me that she wanna have 5 kids, whom 2 of them might be adopted. Yeah, she is the kind hearted girl and the most trustworthy person I have ever met. No wonder people always love her.

On behalf of the Diva Housewives, we want you to know that we love you so much babe and may you enjoy your birthday today. Keep on smiling and happy2 selalu k. Sayang Biena!



Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Selamat di bawah ketiak Mommy.

Alhamdulillah, the journey went well despite some delays in PIT.
I'm blogging from Sheffield!!woohoo!!
In a way, the delay turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I got to ride a flight to Manchester which had so many extra seats. I conquered 3 seats and had a helluva hell of a time sleeping the whole way to Manchester.
It turned out perfectly because I arrived around 10am, and mommy was scheduled to arrive at 12.30pm. I didn't have to wait as long as if I arrived at 7am if there were no delays.
It feels so good to see my family again.
My bro and zaffi are sound asleep while mommy and I are wide awake.
Although, I am feeling a bit on the sleepy side because I had second helpinggs of Zaffi's superb nasi ayam. Sedap gila. Gemukla aku duduk sini 10 hari.haha...
Just don't forget to pick me up July 30th! I swear I'm not taking the bus to PIT ever again, a 3 hour journey tuned into a 6 hour ride. Plain pain in the ass. It was funny though, the big ass bus went all the way to the airport just to drop me off. Felt like an important person for awhile. A lady saw me come down the bus, and said ''You must be someone really important''. haha...I was like ''Yess, I am''. So the 6 hours did give me some glory moments anyhow.
Hey so divas, no worries bout me, I'm doing swell as hell. haha...
hope you guys are not missing me that much.muahahahah..
Lots of Love from Shefffield.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry and Kumar

So semalam the Diva Housewives telah menonton the most anticipated movie of summer after Transformers, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!

Tetapi movie itu dianggap seperti movie, Harry & Kumar, oleh seseorg yg bukanlah peminat Harry Potter. Ape kes Harry gets high and Lavender seperti amat horny, katanya.Iya Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price adalah tidak best. saya x suka.
I only really appreciate the last 30 minutes kot. The rest I was really just looking around the cinema, rock and back on my chair, waiting for the action yg x kunjung tiba.

Kata Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, so patutnya movie emphasize more on the loyalty of Snape like the booklah kan, bukannya on Lavender and Ron, gosh. I think what was really missing was a scene Harry blajr dlm class Defense Against the Dark Art with Prof Snape, an important moment kot tu Prof Snape finally get the chance to teach that class.

of all character, I really felt for Prof Snape.
bergenang air mata ketika Dumbledore mati, tetapi bukanlah sebab he died, but thinking back what Prof Snape has sacrifice and will go through, especially emotionally, for the sake of the side he choose to be with.

OK now let's hear what the other housewives thought about the movie.

Zack Y: Hmm I thought it wasn't that bad, only that they focused too much on unnecessary stuff like Ron and Lavender's relationship. Patutnye cam kene fokus lebih kepada Hermione and Ron je haha

Zafirah Z: Not too bad. What do you expect from a movie made out of a book? Oh but I do get teary-eyed when Hermione cried, lol.

Bina W to Zafirah Z.: taulah adaptation from book, and x mungkin sebgs buku but at least get the main juice from the book right boleh takkk? ish. and Peyya, asal easily get emotionally attached with relationship matter ni, hari tu tgk Disney porposal pun nangisss, ish.

Zera H: Honestly, I don't exactly remember the plot of the story since I read the book two years ago. But seriously I don't recall about the minah senget Lavender at all. Anyway, I will say that this is not the best Harry Potter movie I have ever seen but this is much better than the Order of Phoenix. My rate is 6/10 for this movie. Ok lah, not too bad. On top of that, I have to agree with Ilya that Draco Malfoy is becoming more kacak as he grow up. But for sure Cedric Diggory yang dah mati tu lagi kacak la kan? Woo hoo!

Zera H to Bina W & Zafirah Z : Disney proposal tu memang sweet sangat!!!! I don't cry but terharu you.

Rock Band 2

OK people,
to all Penn Staters, as you all know malam Jumaat sepastinya malam bersukan, tapi summer ni tidak pernahlah bersukan sehinggalah mereka dari field trip yang lame sehingga 6 minggu tu pulang dengan selamatnya Rabu lepas.
owh sepastinya semua teruja utk bermain volley dan squash dan basketball tapi the Diva housewives yg x delah terkenal sgt dengan sikap malas bersukan, telah mengambil keputusan utk lepak di rumah 203 dan bermain Rock Band!yeahhhhh. Rock band ni baru di beli oleh keng kawan lelaki selepas terpengaruh dgn rakan2 R.I.T.
kitorg baru main easylah tapi, medium ok lah, tapi tak mantap macam keng kawan lelaki. wey diorg hebat amat, kekaguman yg melampau.
Sila lihat videos and teka sendirilah kami specilize in ape, heeee. tapi saya suka menyanyi.

and owh nilah character yang mengambil masa hampir satu jam utk siap kesemuanya, ssh kot guna controller utk mengeja!

iya band semua perempuan, coolkan?
saya suka.

and berikut iyalah, kami main lagu kegemaran Peyya, You Oughta Know di bawah category Challenging, so pastilah main easy, ngehehe. iya suara Peyya mmg sgt comel.

itulah die Diva Houswives on Rock Band 2.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I have a crush on you...

So last night while everyone was "lepak"ing at the sitting room while doing nothing, I asked this random question to the Divas.

"How does it feel to date a celebrity?"

Peyya gave me her big grin smile and said "Hahaha, mestilah glamour".

So, I further asked who their Malaysia Celebrity Crush is, but I was the one who came out with the answer first.

"Hans Isaac. Handsome siot". Peyya agree. Biena said, "Tapi dia Kristian la". OK, so we kept thinking about other celebrity and again I came out with the answer.

"Aku suka Naz Rahman. Yang jadi Zack Imran dalam cerita Ghost. OMG, suka gile ok. Tapi dia dah kawin la. Damn!"

Peyya looked confuse because she tought that the guy's name is Azizan Nin. I told her that Zizan is the guy who is once a POND's model. Tapi, Zizan ni comel juga k.

And then she said "Aku suka mamat yang berlakon cerita Emil Emilda tu. Aoron Aziz kot nama dia. HOT weh". I know that guy and yes I have to agree with her that he is smoking HOT. But, he's married too.

Then, Peyya and I both turned to Biena and waited for her answer.

"Hurm, aku tak tau la kan tapi kan dulu aku minat sangat kat Zul Yahya". Peyya and I looked at each other and then burst into laughter. I mean who will taught that she has a crush on Zul Yahya right? Dah la mamat tu jenis yang kelakar. But, it's ok Biena, he is cute though.

But then. Zul Yahya is married too. Gosh, all of us seem to have a crush on a married guy kan? Well, I guess "All good men are either married or gay". Hahaha. Dah kawin boleh terima, tapi kalau gay, errr boleh bunuh diri. Ok, memain je.

And then I suddenly remembered this new celebrity who acted in one of the Malay Drama so I asked Biena to google it for me because I don't remember his name.

So, she google it and suddenly she exclaimed "OMG, mamat ni kawan abang aku la, Dulu selalu datang rumah aku masa kat Kuantan".

Peyya and I jumped out from the sofa and stared at her laptop.

"Oi mamat ni kacak weh"

"OMG, serious kawan abang ko ni?".

Operasi stalking pun bermula selepas itu. Sorry ye, nama mamat tu terpaksa dirahsiakan untuk mengelakkan kontroversi dan publisiti murahan. Hahaha. But this guy memang HOT. Yang penting he's young and single. Woot woot!

Anyway, Zack was not with us yesterday so Zack, later on let us know who your crush is, OK?

And what about you?

Who is your Malaysia Celebrity Crush?

Alright, bye2.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Teka Teki

Mase kitorg tengah tunggu nak naik superman ride dekat six flags, kami pun main teka teki.
Cuba lah anda jawap teka teki ni.
Divas, semua dah tahu jawapan kecuali bina so bina bolehla cuba kalau mahu.

Teka teki pertama, zack yang memberi, di curi daripada rakan sekolahnya

" Masuk segi tiga, keluar bergulung2. Apakah ia?"

Teka teki kedua, nabil yang memberi, di curi dari sahabatnye jua,

" Suatu hari ni, superman pakai cape-nya (kain terbang yang di ikat ke belakang) ke hadapan, Kenapa?"

Sila jawap, sila2..jawapan dua2 soalan ini memang tidak akan menghampakan.
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