Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry and Kumar

So semalam the Diva Housewives telah menonton the most anticipated movie of summer after Transformers, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!

Tetapi movie itu dianggap seperti movie, Harry & Kumar, oleh seseorg yg bukanlah peminat Harry Potter. Ape kes Harry gets high and Lavender seperti amat horny, katanya.Iya Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price adalah tidak best. saya x suka.
I only really appreciate the last 30 minutes kot. The rest I was really just looking around the cinema, rock and back on my chair, waiting for the action yg x kunjung tiba.

Kata Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, so patutnya movie emphasize more on the loyalty of Snape like the booklah kan, bukannya on Lavender and Ron, gosh. I think what was really missing was a scene Harry blajr dlm class Defense Against the Dark Art with Prof Snape, an important moment kot tu Prof Snape finally get the chance to teach that class.

of all character, I really felt for Prof Snape.
bergenang air mata ketika Dumbledore mati, tetapi bukanlah sebab he died, but thinking back what Prof Snape has sacrifice and will go through, especially emotionally, for the sake of the side he choose to be with.

OK now let's hear what the other housewives thought about the movie.

Zack Y: Hmm I thought it wasn't that bad, only that they focused too much on unnecessary stuff like Ron and Lavender's relationship. Patutnye cam kene fokus lebih kepada Hermione and Ron je haha

Zafirah Z: Not too bad. What do you expect from a movie made out of a book? Oh but I do get teary-eyed when Hermione cried, lol.

Bina W to Zafirah Z.: taulah adaptation from book, and x mungkin sebgs buku but at least get the main juice from the book right boleh takkk? ish. and Peyya, asal easily get emotionally attached with relationship matter ni, hari tu tgk Disney porposal pun nangisss, ish.

Zera H: Honestly, I don't exactly remember the plot of the story since I read the book two years ago. But seriously I don't recall about the minah senget Lavender at all. Anyway, I will say that this is not the best Harry Potter movie I have ever seen but this is much better than the Order of Phoenix. My rate is 6/10 for this movie. Ok lah, not too bad. On top of that, I have to agree with Ilya that Draco Malfoy is becoming more kacak as he grow up. But for sure Cedric Diggory yang dah mati tu lagi kacak la kan? Woo hoo!

Zera H to Bina W & Zafirah Z : Disney proposal tu memang sweet sangat!!!! I don't cry but terharu you.


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